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India Financial Inclusion fund

India Financial Inclusion Fund (IFIF) is a microfinance equity fund, investing in high-growth, small to medium microfinance institutions in the Indian market. IFIF also invests in "microfinance enablers" that expand the provision of financial services to the poor. IFIF's triple bottom line objectives are financial inclusion, capital appreciation, and social performance initiatives. The Fund participates actively in the governance and management of its portfolio companies.
Nordic Microfinance Initiative AS

Postal address:
P.O Box 1925, Vika, N-0125 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address:
Rosenkrantz' gate 22, 7th Floor, N-0160 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 36 22 40
Fax: +47 22 42 89 01
E-mail: info@nmimicro.no
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