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more about NMI

NMI was established in 2008 as a partnership between the public sector and private investors. Norfund and IFU, the Norwegian and Danish governmental investment funds for developing countries, represent the Norwegian and Danish States. The private investors are DNB Livsforsikring, Ferd, KLP, TDVeen og Storebrand. NMI's overall goal is to strengthen the position of the poor in developing countries by helping to create jobs and prosperity on a sustainable basis. This is done by investing in and supporting MFIs. 

NMI consists of NMI AS and NMI Funds (NMI Global Fund, NMI Frontier Fund and the NMI Fund III). NMI AS was established as a Norwegian corporation, as a general partner and portfolio manager for NMI funds. All funds have been established in accordance with Norwegian law. NMI is currently setting up Fund IV.
Nordic Microfinance Initiative AS

Postal address:
P.O Box 1925, Vika, N-0125 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address:
Rosenkrantz' gate 22, 7th Floor, N-0160 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 36 22 40
Fax: +47 22 42 89 01
E-mail: info@nmimicro.no
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